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Cellulose Insulation Beno-Vent Aeration Vent

Aeration Vent

Le déflecteur de ventilation Beno-Vent dans une toiture avec parement extérieur doit être aligné avec le rebord extérieur de la sablière.

The Beno-Vent aeration vent must be aligned we the exterior edge of the plate.

When insulating the attic with blown cellulose, it is essential to use aeration vents to preserve soffit ventilation.

The Beno-Vent aeration vent is a pre folded cardboard used to prevent the discharge of insulation into the cornice. Installed before the insulation, it must be stapled to the outside edge of the plate to avoid thermal bridges.

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Beno-Vent Properties

  • A stopper for loose fill cellulose
  • Prevents the discharge of insulation into the cornice
  • Low cost
  • Easy to install with a stapler
  • Can be installed in all ventilated attics
  • Treated against humidity
  • Wavy cardboard of 50 thousandths inch