Cellulose insulation, soundproofing, fireproofing and landscaping.

Beno-Mat Wall System for Cellulose Insulation

Wall Insulation System

Système d'injection murale de cellulose Beno-Mat

Cellulose Wall Injection System Beno-Mat.

The Beno-Mat system was developed to perfrom wall insulation with the Beno-Therm loose cellulose. The cellulose insulation is injected at a 3.0 pounds per cubic foot density in walls before they get closed. The injection is done through a ventilated membrane stapled to the structure frame. The Beno-Mat installation must be executed by a Benolec accredited installer in accordance with the instructions included in the installation guide of the manufacturer. For more information, please contact us.

Click here for the technical/safety data sheets and specifications.

Ceilings and floors

For the ceilings and floors, the desired density is 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. In the case of the existing structures, the application can also be performed directly through the gypsum walls, using holes of two inches diameter.

Tests and results

Based on tests done in laboratory and field conditions for various types of walls and floors constructions, Beno-Therm has consistently performed over the years better than other known fibres. Not only has it shown superior sound abatement properties, but it also filled cavities more effectively and proved safer for applicators. Beno-Mat is the first dry injection system to be evaluated by the Canadian Construction Material Centre (CCMC 12307-R) for new constructions. The Beno-Mat system was developed to quickly and efficiently install Beno-Therm. It includes a specially conceived membrane that ensures proper and constant density of insulating material in every section of wall.


With the Beno-Mat system, thermal and acoustical insulation, can be performed on many types of surfaces: new or closed walls, 60º to 90º cavities and party walls. It can be used summer or winter, without danger of freezing.