Cellulose insulation, soundproofing, fireproofing and landscaping.

Acoustical – K13/SonaSpray Insulation

Acoustical Treatments



K-13 Soundproofing

The K-13 is a sprayed thermal and acoustical cellulose insulation made from recycled paper fibers. This insulation, mainly specified for its acoustical properties in commercial buildings, is tough and durable. The K-13 provides a strong, durable monolithic coating which expands and contracts with the building.

With its carpet-like texture and a wide color selection, the K-13 is especially attractive as a surface finish in new construction as well as in renovation projects. The K-13 is available in six colors.

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Tests and procedures

According to CAN/ULC-S703 and NRC/CCMC 09877-R standards tests (ASTM E-84, UL-723, NFPA-255 and UBC-42), K-13 has a Class 1, Class A flame spread rating.



SonaSpray Soundproofing

The SonaSpray «fc» is a spray-applied acoustical texture designed for a wide range of project types. It provides an attractive, high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new construction and renovation projects. SonaSpray «fc» is available in different shades of white, grays, brown and in black.

Principal characteristics

  • Covers new and existing materials
  • Conforms to any surface configuration
  • Presents a high performance adhesive, greater bond and compressive strength
  • Offers an attractive textured finsih remarkably durable with light reflective finish
  • Provides High NRC Rating : 0,65 / ½”

K-13 and SonaSpray Brochure

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